REVIEW: The Back Up Plan

Zoe is scared that she will not find the right man to spend her life with and with whom to have a baby with, so decides to be artificially inseminated. On the same day she meets Stan, who gets into the same cab as her. They soon start running into each other and start dating. However, Zoe is now pregnant and is worried about Stan’s reaction as she is scared he will run out on her…

A thoroughly original and enjoyable film! From the outset, it was clear it was going to be a good movie with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Lopez comes into her own in this film playing a very stong female lead. However it is Alex O’Loughlin who steals the screen with his enigmatic character being the man that any girl would love to fall in love with. With this being his first major movie, it is clear that from it O’Loughlin will soon be starring in many rom-coms to come.
Klein and Monroe create the biggest laugh-out-loud moments through the film. Klein plays off O’Loughlin’s reactions perfectly during the CT scan, making the appointment an enjoyable scene to watch. However, it is Monroe’s birthing scene which steals the show. Although it will put any woman off childbirth for life, I have never laughed so hard! The animals noises mixed with the pure panic of Lopez had me rolling in the aisles!
Despite the strong story and characters, I felt that Danneel Harris was not being used to her full potential. I felt that Olivia could have been more involved in the story as Stan’s spiteful ex-girlfriend but instead seemed to keep to herself and not get involved. If I have learnt anything from the number of rom-coms I have watched, is that the ex-girlfriend always gets involved and tries to hurt the new girlfriend. This did not happen in this and it actually disappointed me.
Overall, this is a good chick-flick which I would recommend to any girl who wants a good laugh and to dribble over a gorgeous man!

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