REVIEW: Streetdance 3D

Carlys streetdance crew needs a new place to rehearse for the national street dance competition. When she takes a sandwich delivery order to the local ballet school she thinks she’s found the perfect place. For unlimited rehearsal time in the school, she must teach the Royal Ballet candidates to streetdance in time for the finals, so they can beat the champions Surge and Carlys ex-boyfriend (and ex-team member) Jay…

There isn’t much to say really, it’s a typical dance flick. The story is predictable, one of them’s going to leave, they’re going to struggle, they’re going to get good and go up against their ex- team member. However, this does have something good going for it, it showcases a lot of British talent. The entire cast and soundtrack are British, plus having big names such as Flawless and Diversity is a good way of pulling in audiences. I did find that some of the sound was quite quiet and that there were some continuity errors (one minute it was sunrise, then it was the dead of night, then it was sunrise again).

The best part of it, however, was the dancing. It blew me away! The street dancing was amazing with some completely new moves I had never seen before. Not only was the street dance amazing but the ballet was also brilliant.
I would definitely recommend this to any dancing fan, however, do not take your boyfriends/male friends, they will not enjoy it! This is definitely a girls film!

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