REVIEW: Toy Story 3

As a grown up Andy leaves for college, his favourite toys are mistakenly delivered to Sunny Side day-care centre. It’s up to Woody to convince the rest of the gang that they weren’t abandoned and need to return home.

Anyone who says that this is part of the greatest trilogy ever, I completely agree. For an animation it appeals to every age (I‘ve seen it, my parents have seen it, even my Nan has seen it!) and anyone with a sense of humour! What is more entertaining than seeing Mr Potato Head squashed into a tortilla?! As a well established film series, Toy Story 3 is a welcome edition. Filling in the whole where the child in me has wanted more from Woody and the gang, it left me feeling satisfied. I even had a few tears as Andy left for college but who wouldn’t shed a few tears over our favourite animated toys?

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