REVIEW: Inception

Where the technology exists to invade the human mind, a single idea can be a dangerous weapon. By planting ideas deeper in the mind, the more likely it is for the idea to become real. But within these levels, how can you tell what is real and what is not?
Such an original film with a fantastic story. Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ is sure to become a classic. This two and a half hour film keeps you hooked from the outset so make sure you get comfy! Di Caprio and Gordon-Levitt become a brilliant team as the dream invaders who keep you hooked on every word. With the inclusion of Brit actor Tom Hardy, hardcore cast is a sure-fire winner. The smooth dialogue paired with beautiful cinematography has made this film a hit and will be talked about alongside Avatar for years (although in my opinion, this one deserves the attention).
Although a brilliant film, the complex story needs more than one viewing to ensure a full understanding.

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