REVIEW: Black Swan

When the artistic director (Cassel) of New York ballet company decides to perform Swan Lake, Nina (Portman) pushes herself to the limit to become the lead. On becoming the lead in the most popular ballet as well as having a backstage rival (Kunis), she slowly loses her mind. She becomes less and less like the beautiful White Swan and more like her evil alter ego the Black Swan.

What a stunning performance Natalie Portman gives. Her dedication to the film – losing 20lbs to look like a ballerina as well as training for a year before the filming – definitely shows. Her performance is breath-taking – her ability to take on the multi-faceted such as Nina and make it look so natural is fantastic. Look out for the Oscar Nominations, it is almost certain that Portman will be up for best actress!
The overall story, is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared for plenty of sudden shocks! This film will have your heart racing from the very beginning and the beauty of the dancers will give you shivers. Portman and Kunis bounce off each other with such ease making them beautiful to watch together. 
Aronofsky is often considered a ‘marmite’ director and it is easy to see why. His unusual techniques are something you love or hate but in this, the direction is superb. The use of hand-held cameras add to the suspense and shock built upon in this film, if it was filmed any other way I doubt it would’ve worked. This is a film that is not only going to be a box office success but will also clear the board when it comes to awards! 

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