This year’s Orange BAFTAs awards were as star studded as ever. As usual, all the beautiful actresses in stunning dresses and handsome actors in slick suits filled the slightly damp red carpet at the London Opera House. This years competition was close, although with The King’s Speech leading the way with nominations, it was still a close call when it came to other categories. OK, not so much for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress but for categories like Best Supporting Actor and the Rising Star Award the competition was very close. 

It was definitely a surprise to me when Geoffrey Rush won Best Supporting Actor. If I was a gambler, I would’ve put money on Christian Bale winning as his performance in The Fighter, was flawless. I am not disputing that Rush’s performance in The King’s Speech wasn’t brilliant, but up against Bale, it did come as a surprise.

When it came to the Rising Star Award, however, I was totally stunned. Tom Hardy is a very talented actor but I would not put him in the category of “Rising Star”. Along side the Hollywood blockbuster of Inception, Hardy has also had cinematic success with many other films like Bronson, Layer Cake and RocknRolla. I personally believe that Andrew Garfield was the actor who was most deserving of the award as he has recently appeared on our screens. Before The Social Network, he was pretty much an unknown. Going from an virtually unknown to being thrust into the role of Spiderman – now that’s a Rising Star!

Although I may not necessarily agree with every award, they were in general a very accurate. The highlight, however being Helena Bonham Carter and her fabulous, if not extensive speech. Now the biggest night in British film is over, time to look on to the Oscars!

Lookout for my Oscar predictions coming out in the next week.

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