AWARDS: 83rd Academy Awards

So, I am still recovering from staying up until the early hours of the morning watching the Oscars! [It was very difficult to drag myself out of bed at 7.30 Monday morning!]

This being the first Oscars ceremony I’ve watched, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Like every year, the dresses down the red carpet were gorgeous – the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman looked stunning in her floor length purple dress. Even Helena Bonham Carter, the most eccentric of dressers wore a rather plain but pretty dress (except for maybe the Union Jack garter!)

When it came to the ceremony, I was quite impressed with Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s performance. I’ve seen a lot of FrancAway bashing but I thought they were quite good hosts – however, this may be due to me being the age of the demographic that they were aiming for. I found that Hathaway’s comedic touch gave the ceremony a lighter edge and she created some real, laugh out loud moments. James Franco, as much as I think he is a brilliant actor, did look just slightly out of it. He dazed look did leave me wondering what exactly had made him look that way…

Now onto the results. My previous post gave a list of my predictions, let’s see if I was right…

N.B Green – Correct, Red – Wrong

Best film: The Social Network – Winner: The King’s Speech

Actor in a leading role: Colin Firth (The Kings Speech)wasn’t much of a surprise really!

Actor in a supporting role: Christian Bale (The Fighter)definitely deserving of this.

Actress in a leading role: Natalie Portman (Black Swan) – again, no real surprise here either!

Actress in a supporting role: Helena Bonham Carter (The Kings Speech) Winner: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)

Animated Feature Film: Toy Story 3yet again, not much of a surprise here.

Art Direction: Inception – Winner: Alice in Wonderland

Cinematography: The Social Network Winner: Inception

Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland – These beautiful costumes deserve every award they get

Directing: David Fincher (The Social Network) – Winner: Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) – this was very much a surprise to me!

Documentary Feature: Exit through the Gift Shop – Winner: Inside Job

Documentary Short Subject: Killing in the Name – Winner: Strangers No More

Film Editing: 127 Hours – Winner: The Social Network

Foreign Language Film: Biutiful – Winner: In A Better World

Makeup: The Wolfman – I haven’t seen the film but seen the effects and they are wonderful!

Music (Original Score): The Social Network – such a hauntingly brilliant score

Music (Original Song): Toy Story 3 – it’s Toy Story, of course it was going to win!

Short Film (Animated): Day & Night – Winner: The Lost Thing

Short Film (Live Action): The Crush – Winner: God of Love

Sound Editing: Tron Legacy – Winner: Inception

Sound Mixing: The Social Network – Winner: Inception

Visual Effects: Inception – Who didn’t love the mind bending, gravity defying effects!

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): The Social Network – one of the most enchanting screenplays of the year

Writing (Original Screenplay): Inception – Winner: The King’s Speech

So…my predictions weren’t so great! But at least I got the major ones right.

The Oscar snubs however, did upset me. Christopher Nolan, one of the most successful British directors did not get a nomination for Inception. How could he have been nominated?! Inception was one of the biggest selling films of 2010 yet, the director at the helm of it all gets overlooked. It’s such a shame, Nolan deserved to be alongside the rest of the nominations, to fight, what would’ve been a very closely contested race. 
Similarly, Andrew Garfield should’ve been nominated alongside Christian Bale (and his weird ginger beard!), Jeremy Renner and all the other wonderful supporting actors. Garfield’s impressive performance in The Social Network was superb, stealing the screen in every scene. Although he may not have won over Bale’s performance in The Fighter, Garfield definitely deserved at least a nomination.
Fingers crossed that both of these will receive nominations, and hopefully win, next year.

Congratulations to all the worthy winners! Only another year until the most glamorous night of the movie calendar is upon us again! 

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