REVIEW: Looper

I’ve never been a fan of Bruce Willis and his action hero status, I’ve always been more interested in his sci-fi stuff – especially 12 Monkeys. So when I heard he would be starring in Looper, a time travel, sci-fi film beside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, imagine my excitement! That was one film I was definitely going to see.

Set in a future where time travel has been discovered, outlawed and is used as a way of disposing of people, Loopers exist. Loopers are assassins who kill and destroy the bodies of those who are sent back, until they kill their future selves, closing their loops. Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is a looper who is waiting for the day when his loop closes so he can travel to France to live out the rest of his days. But his future self (Willis) has other ideas, and escapes in the hope of changing the future.

Finally an intelligent, futuristic film which doesn’t try to over-complicate things. OK, I know that time travel and paradoxes aren’t the easiest premises to turn into a film but this works. This film is so much more than what it looks like on the surface with twists and turns all over the place, Looper delivers punches throughout.
Don’t be fooled by the trailer, this film is so much more than Joseph Gordon-Levitt chasing Bruce Willis for 118 minutes. The well thought out story mixed with punchy dialogue and a great cast – kudos to Pierce Gagnon who plays Cid, the little kid who isn’t all that he seems – makes for a great cinematic experience.

It’s good to see Gordon-Levitt moving away from his previously typecast roles of the intelligent assistant (see also: Arthur in Inception, Blake in Dark Knight Rises) and into the role of fully fledged action hero (see also: Premium Rush). Although the prosthetics may seem a little odd to begin with, you grow used to them and supports the excellent job of Gordon-Levitt playing a young Willis, clearly having studied his mannerisms. The aging sequence shows Gordon-Levitt morph into Willis, an odd sight for those of us so used to seeing Willis with no hair! Seeing both Joe’s together just reinforces what great actors Willis and Gordon-Levitt are as, even though they’re playing the same character, both show completely different sides.

Yes, to some it may be confusing with its use of paradoxes, but it is an intelligent piece of cinema which is gaining the critical acclaim it deserves.

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