REVIEW: The Guilt Trip

You may not have heard of The Guilt Trip. Released Mother’s Day weekend it got swamped under the success of Oz: The Great And Powerful and seems to have been forgotten about. This new take on the road movie sees Andy Brewster (Seth Rogan) taking his mother (Barbra Streisand) across country to market his new cleaning product.

A mother/son road movie is something that hasn’t been seen before and – let’s be honest – would be most sons worst nightmare. Taking Barbra Streisand from one side of America to the other could be filled with huge laughs but instead it misses.   

Since Streisand’s appearances in the Focker’s series, she has put her foot in the door as a comedic actress and alongside Rogan, Guilt Trip was set to be the comic film of the year. With the trailer filled with laugh-out-loud moments, the film was a disappointment. The funniest parts were in the trailer and many parts that could’ve been were skipped over. 

If this had been marketed more as a drama than a comedy audiences would have been left pleasantly surprised but instead were left with a barely amusing film with a heartwarming core.

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