REVIEW: Identity Thief

After being a smash hit over in the US, I was dubious when the trailer barely raised a titter from anyone I was in the cinema with. That, along with a loathing for Melissa McCarthy’s last film – Bridesmaids – didn’t leave me exactly itching to see this film.

Jason Bateman takes the lead as Sandy Patterson, a man whose identity has been stolen by a woman in California, the other side of the country from him. With his job and family on the line, Sandy must trek across country with the woman who has ruined his life to clear his name.

What looks like a regular comedy turns out to be a comedy road movie, with Sandy and Diana getting into increasingly ridiculous situations. McCarthy comes into her own as a comedy actress in this film, delivering some big laughs.

It’s not just your standard comedy film, it’s a comedy film with a heart – once you get past the neck punches, bounty hunters and constant insults that is! If you want a laugh, go and see it. It’s not too taxing and will leave you tittering away to yourself.

One thought on “REVIEW: Identity Thief

  1. I'm still not entirely sure if I just wasn't in the mood for a comedy or if the movie just fell flat. To be honest, I’m going with the latter. Good review Steph.

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