TRAILER: From Up on Poppy Hill

Studio Ghibli have been around for years. Founded in Tokyo in 1985, the Japanese film company have been releasing beautiful anime films that all receive critical success. Although the animations are beautiful, and tell amazing stories, the films haven’t reached much more than cult status in the English speaking world, especially in the UK. Not long ago, Film 4 did a Ghibli season, starting off with Spirited Away – arguably their most famous and successful film – and other less popular films. As you may have already seen, I like the Ghibli films, especially Howl’s Moving Castle, so the release of a new animation from them is always good news.
The latest release, From Up on Poppy Hill, is set in 1963 Yokohama, Japan. Umi Matsuzaki, voiced by Sarah Bolger, is a high school girl living in a boarding house. When she meets Shun Kazama (Anton Yelchin), a member of the school’s newspaper club, they decide to clean up the school’s clubhouse, but when the chairman of the local high school and a businessman, intends to demolish the building for redevelopment, Umi and Shun, along with Shirō Mizunuma, must persuade him to reconsider.

From Up On Poppy Hill UK Poster

Having already been released in Japan and other countries worldwide, the film has received a positive response and has brought in $60 million worldwide. It’s set to be released in the UK on the 2nd of August, so not long to wait!

Here it is, the newest trailer:

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