REVIEW: The Internship

We all know that the world revolves around Google. For years it has been search engine of choice, bringing the answers to every question we can think of – no matter how weird! Back in 2006 “Google” was even added to the dictionary! Now, it’s the turn of Google to have a film makeover. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like The Social Network, this is a far more amusing look at working at Google.

When two salemen (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) find themselves jobless, they try to bring themselves into the digital world. Applying for an internship at Google, they find themselves launched into a world of coding, apps and genius college students. Once into the world of Google, they must work in teams to win the coveted jobs.

It’s a classic under-dog story, a group of people who don’t like each other grow to like each other over the course of a task. The group of misfit college students with two technologically thick adults is an amusing – it’s probably what you imagine your parents working at Google would be like! The young – generally barely known – cast are great. There are a couple of recognisable faces such as Max Minghella as Graham who you might previously know from The Social Network, and Dylan O’Brein from the Teen Wolf TV show. Paired with Vaughn, Wilson and the brilliant Rose Byrne, the cast are superb. There’s even a cameo from Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google at the end!

Usually with a Vaughn/Wilson comedies, there are a few mild titters but that’s about it. This film, however, is the game changer, it is genuinely funny with some proper laugh-out-loud moments. Although the first half is weak, the second half picks up and delivers plenty of jokes. If you’re not sure about it, give it a go anyway, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise!

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