Gromit Unleashed!

You might remember a couple of years ago that loads of Gorillas popped up across Bristol. They were part of a project called WowGorillas, initiated by Bristol Zoo to raise awareness of the extincion crisis primates face.

61 of these colourful sculptures were scattered arcoss the city, and brought in thousands of visitors.

This time around, it’s the turn of Gromit! The Bristol based character has appeared in 80 locations in and around Bristol. Gromit Unleased is a public art exhibition where giant Gromit’s have been decorated by various artist and put on display for 10 weeks. At the end of the trail the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity.

So on a very sunny Sunday, we headed out into Bristol to find as many Gromit’s as we could!

Bark at Ee
Leigh Flurry at Red Central
Groscar by Chris Taylor
Salty Sea Dog by Peter Lord CBE
A Close Shave by Harry Hill
Fish Tales by Jeremy Wade
Steam Dog by Dan Shearn at Red Central
Astro Dog by IGNITION DG Ltd
Gromit-O-Matic by Donough O’Malley
Jack by Martin Band
The Grommalo by Axel Scheffler
Where’s Wallace? by Martin Handford

Zodiac by Inkie
Bonus Gromit! on Brigantia of Bristol!
Watch Out Gromit! by Gerald Scarfe OBE
National Treasure by The Royal Mint
He has giant coins for his eyes and even has a giant Gromit coin on his side!
NewFoundLand by One Red Shoe
Sadly a couple of the Gromit’s have been damaged. We weren’t able to see Joanna Lumley’s Gromit or Carosello. Instead there was a giant get well soon card!
So we (well Sam) left a little doodle!
Back to the trail…
The King by Stephen McKay
Butterfly by Philip Treacy OBE
After a (very) breif car journey across town, we set out on the second part of our quest!
Gnashional Gromit by The Beano
One of my favourites! Doodles by Simon Tolfield
Grosmos by Cheba
Had to disturb a few Wimbledon fans to get this one! Lancelot by Sir Paul Smith
Last, but by no means least, my favourite!
Gromit Lightyear by Pixar!
I couldn’t resist getting a photo with him!
Obviously this is just a handful of the Gromit’s that have been spread around – we must have walked about 5 miles! It took us about 4 hours to get around all of these, but this does include stopping for lunch. If you’re looking for a day out, definitely check it out. Just be prepared to wait to get photos, small children have taken a liking to the statues! Gromit Unleashed is around til September 8th when they’ll be taken to be auctioned. For more details on the event check out the Gromit Unleased website!

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