REVIEW: Monster’s University

Monsters Inc came out twelve years ago, yes you heard me, twelve years ago! I was only 8 when it came out, so you can guess how excited I was when I heard that a prequel was going to be released. (I suddenly regressed to being 8 years old, and started imitating Boo, which isn’t too different from normal to be honest!)

As a small monster Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) visits Monsters Inc and sets his heart on becoming a scarer. A few years down the line, he’s a scare major at Monster’s University, alongside Randall Boggs (Steve Buschemi) and blue fluffball James P. Sullivan (John Goodman). After getting into a scaring competition with Sulley resulting in Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren) failing them both and kicks them off the course. In a bid to get back to scaring, they compete in the annual scare games as part of the worst fraternity on campus – Oozma Kappa.

I have never heard a cinema screening full of adult simultaneously “awwwwwww” over anything, let alone an animated green monster! But that is how adorable baby Mike is, being 90% eye and 10% braces, Mike is the cutest thing you will see on the big screen all summer! As usual with Pixar, the animation is beautiful and flawless. As can be expected, the technology has improved since Monsters Inc so Sulley looks even more fluffy than before.

The story is good, with plenty of in-jokes and general silliness, but it just doesn’t feel as good as the original. The case with most sequels/prequels is that they don’t match the same expection as the original. After waiting for so long for Monsters University, I was expecting so much more. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the film because I did, I just don’t think it was as good as the original.

It’s a good summer kids film that the whole family will enjoy simply to see the Monsters again, it’s good to have Mike and Sulley back!

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