REVIEW: Pacific Rim

What happens when you give Guillermo Del Toro $190 million and free reign on a film? Giant robots punching giant aliens of course. That’s the basic guise of Pacific Rim, the latest summer blockbuster that was released last week. 
When a giant alien rift forms on the Pacific ocean floor and Kaiju set their sights on destroying the human world, the world must band together to fight them off. Creating giant human controlled robots, Jaegers, they manage to fight the aliens off but the aliens keep coming back stronger. With the Jaeger project disbanded, the last four are redeployed to Hong Kong to protect the coastline wall until it’s completed, giving them one last chance to defeat the Kaiju and close the rift.
I knew what was coming, giant aliens vs. giant robots but I really was disappointed. The story was near enough non-existent, the script was awful and the acting wasn’t much better. The concept sounded great, especially of the Jaegers – giant robots controlled by two people who share their thoughts to control it – but in all honesty it was the worst film I’ve seen all year. It pretty much ended up Transformers vs. Dinosaurs.
Not to say that everything about it was awful, the effects were brilliant, as were (the majority) of the Jaeger pilot costumes. Plus, Charlie Day and Burn Gorman – who play supporting characters – were great and definitely out shined the main cast!
I know I claim to be a self confessed geek but in this case I most definitely am not. I went to see this with my boyfriend, who really is the biggest geek ever, and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I, however, was bored even before the title card and couldn’t wait to get out, I’ve never felt less of a geek in my life!
If you like Transformers and just want to switch off your brain and just be lost in giant things, take a look, if not give it a miss! It’s really not worth it!
P.S. While walking out the screen, I heard a couple behind us say “well that was truly awful!”, I’ve never wanted to high-five strangers more in my life!

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