In 2010, RED was released showing that you’re never too old to be an action hero. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren play ex-black ops agents dragged out of retirement, and now they’re back to prove that they’ve still got it.  

Retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses (Willis) reassembles his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device created by a genius British inventor (Anthony Hopkins). With a price on his head, Moses must move quickly to protect Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker)and out run international super assassin Han (Byung-hun Lee).

RED 2 is the perfect balance between comedy and action, turninh our old school actors into fully fledged action stars – not that Bruce Willis wasn’t before this! Helen Mirren steals the show as the wonderful Victoria, being completely badass from start to finish. Only she could make melting bodies in acid look posh! Casting directors take note, Mirren may be an awesome classical actress, but also a fantastic action star! She should be shooting people more often! John Malkovich returns as the paranoid Marvin, he’s not quite as bonkers as the first time around, but still pretty mad. His comedy moments are brilliant – I never thought I’d see him spooning with Bruce Willis!

Some fabulous actors join the cast, including Byung-hun Lee as Han. Not only is he an amazing martial artist and actor, but he also looks damn fine in a suit! The Brit’s hold their corner well with Catherine Zeta-Jones appearing as Russian agent Katja, placing second for most badass woman in the film – let’s be clear, she was never going to beat Helen Mirren – and David Thewlis as French secret seller The Frog.

Aside from the occasionally dodgy accents – most of the “international” characters sound distinctly English! – the only weak link of the film was the decidedly wooden Mary-Louise Parker. With all emotion botoxed out of her face, she was awful. Sarah could have been a great character but sadly she was just left flat and lifeless, a real disappointment. Except for that, RED 2 is worth a watch, a perfect summer comedy/action film.

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