REVIEW: Kick Ass 2

Kick Ass was the story of a normal high school boy who decides to become a superhero. He teams up with Big Daddy and Hit Girl – a very sweary 12 year old! – to take on the bad guys. It was funny, violent but most of all a comic book film. Now comes its equally bad mouthed sequel…
Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnsson) is back and his badass bravery as Kick-Ass has inspired a new wave of masked regular Superheroes. After being trained up by a now 15 year old Mindy (ChloëGrace Mortez) aka, Hit Girl, he dons his green and yellow costume to join Justice Forever. Headed by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) this group of masked heroes carry out a public service of helping those in need. Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz Plasse) aka Red Mist, swears to kill Kick-Ass in revenge for the death of his father, becoming Super Villian The MotherF****r.
I almost don’t want to write this review, that is how much I loathed this film. The first film was funny, all the violence was done in an overtly comic effect and the story was pretty good. It had everything in the right moderation unlike it’s sequel.
Apart from a couple of mild titters, there were no real laugh out loud moments. This may have been more down to everyone speaking so quickly that I barely understood what was going on!
Everything, however, was completely eclipsed by the shear amount of violence! Jim Carrey refused to take part in any promotion for the film and is completely distancing himself from it as he felt it was too violent, and I don’t blame him in the slightest. This wasn’t comic book violence, this was over the top violence for the sake of violence. Anything that uses the intention of rape to get laughs gets instantly blacklisted – how is this supposed to be funny?
I would not recommend that anyone goes and sees this film, in fact avoid it at all costs. I left angry and with a pounding headache, not a good way to leave the cinema.

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