SHADOWLOCKED: 5 Actors Who Could Play Antman

My latest post for Shadowlocked focuses on the upcoming Marvel film from Edgar Wright, and who might fill the tiny shoes of Antman…

antman banner

 You may have heard the rumour mill churning away at the thought of Simon Pegg taking the lead roll in Edgar Wright’s new film “Ant-Man”. Of course this isn’t a rumour that’s come from thin air. If you’re on Twitter and following Simon Pegg (if you’re not, go follow him now!) you probably saw his tweet the other night of him stood in front of an Ant-Man poster.

This meant the Internet exploded with speculation and assumed this meant he was taking on the role. Later, Pegg tweeted again “Sorry if I caused a lot of speculation yesterday re: Ant Man. If I get a film role, I’ll tell you, not drop hints.” So if Pegg isn’t going to be playing the size-shifting superhero who is? I’m going to join in with the speculation and give you my list of actors who could potentially play Ant-Man! Read on…

Continue reading my article over at Shadowlocked!

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