REVIEW: We’re The Millers

This summer seems to have been the summer of comedy: The Heat, Pain and Gain, Alan Partridge and now it’s the turn of We’re The Millers. The story of a fake family, drug smuggling road trip was something that I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy. 
When small time drug dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) is mugged of his weeks takings, he’s forced by his boss (Ed Helms) to smuggle an RV sized amount of marijuana from Mexico. To improve his chances of making it past border control, David ropes in his broke stripper neighbour, Rose, (Jennifer Aniston), homeless street rat, Casey, (Emma Roberts) and local weird kid, Kenny (Will Poulter) to pretend to be his family.
The chemistry between the cast is undeniable. It’s obvious to see why Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston play opposite each other as they bounce off each other with great ease. Aniston manages to step away from girl next door, “Rachel from Friends” character and almost into a fully fledged comedy star. After her success in Horrible Bosses – again opposite Sudeikis – this has helped to fit her more into the “good girl gone bad” sort of role. If you don’t have a thing for Aniston before seeing this film, you damn well will after!
As a film about a drug dealer, it’s not easy to warm to the lead character, but when you do he is quite funny. There is plenty that this film could have expanded into. Emma Robert’s character was sorely underused. While we found out more of the back stories about the rest of the characters, Casey was almost left out, and seemed to be only used for gap filling material. When she was used however, she was quite amusing.


As much as this film has been getting rave reviews from around the world, I found it quite long and somewhat predictable. I found myself laughing more at the bloopers than at anything else in the film. There were a few mild titters but nothing more, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a sequel gracing our screens at some point in the future.

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