Paul Rudd vs Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It looks like it won’t be long until the casting of Ant-Man will be announced. The rumour mill has been chucking out names left, right and centre about who will be playing Hank Pym but it seems that we’re down to our last two top runners. Although nothing has officially been announced, Variety have reported that Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt top the list of contenders. 

So who will be the better option? To be honest, I hadn’t considered either of them for the role before now but both of them could fit into the role, depending on which way the film is being taken.

Well all know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) has got grounding in superhero movies. Look a his performance in Dark Knight Rises, he could have quite easily stepped into the role of Robin straight out of it. He’s had plenty of speculation around him in regards to superhero films too, his name was floating around for the role of Batman – that is until Ben Affleck was chosen for the role instead. If Ant-Man has large sections of action, and is more “out in the field”, JGL will probably be a great choice for the character. He’s athletic, intelligent and charming but not necessarily traits that Hank Pym embody. It may be me painting him with the DC brush, but to me he’s more suited to a hands-on-hips “I’ll save you!” sort of hero, much like Robin, than the cocky, arrogant ass that Hank Pym is.

Paul Rudd, on the other hand, can play the ass particularly well. If you’ve seen Role Models then you’re familiar with his Starbucks rant. Think that, but in an Ant-Man costume and you’ve got a pretty good fit. Rudd may not have experience in the superhero world, but I think he’d be a welcome addition. I can already imagine him squaring off with Tony Stark, rolling his eyes at his authority and not taking any crap from him. Plus, as this is an Edgar Wright film after all, it’s bound to be rather funny, something Rudd is kinda good at.

If it was down to me Rudd would win this round. Sadly, it’s not. Edgar Wright and those over at Marvel have the difficult job casting the role – probably with someone that no one had considered in a million years!

So who do you think is better suited? JGL or Paul Rudd?

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