12 Films of Christmas – Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; four homemade traps, three skellington reindeer, two bad-mouthed con men and a Gremlin who is a cutie!

Since it’s release in 1990, Home Alone has become essential Christmas viewing but, I must admit, I’ve never seen it!


The MaCallister family are preparing to spend Christmas in Paris. After an argument with his brother, 8 year old Kevin is sent to his room where he wished his family would disappear. During the night a power cut caused the alarm clocks to reset and the family oversleep.

In the mad rush Kevin is forgotten and it’s not until his parents reach Paris that they realise he’s missing.

Left to his own devices, Kevin takes advantage; stealing his brothers savings, bouncing on the bed – even watching a gangster film! His fun is soon scarpered by the appearance of The Wet Bandits who are breaking into vacant houses on the street.  Kevin overhears their plans and sets up booby traps around his house and waits in preparation.

As much as it’s set at Christmas, it’s not exactly the happiest of stories! I mean, a small child is left alone in a massive house where it gets targeted by burglars, so he sets up a set of frankly quite violent traps! But at least the family get reunited in the end, just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Rating:


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