12 Films of Christmas – Day Five

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; five holidays, four homemade traps, three skellington reindeer, two bad-mouthed con men and a Gremlin who is a cutie!


From the same makers of The Snowman, Father Christmas is an overlooked animated short. It used to be shown every year on Channel 4 at about 6am Christmas morning. I would be so excited about Christmas that I’d wake up early every Christmas morning and watch it – my own tradition.

After a hard night’s work, Father Christmas turns his sleigh into a caravan, puts his pets into care and heads off on a well deserved holiday. He travels to France, Scotland and Las Vegas, narrowly avoiding being spotted by excitable children before heading off home to set up for Christmas. With a bit of grumbling, he answers his mail, sorts out his presents, delivers them then heads off to the Snowman’s party just in time.

Every child wonders what Father Christmas gets up when he’s not whizzing round the world delivering presents. It’s just so fun and happy – even if Father Christmas is a bit of a grump! If you’ve never seen it before, you must! Unlike The Snowman, it doesn’t have the iconic song that often annoys many people but it has the same beautiful animation.

Christmas Rating:


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