12 Films of Christmas – Day Nine

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; nine Christmas wishes, eight nightmare dogs, seven dancing snowmen, six Christmas parties, five holidays! Four homemade traps, three skellington reindeer, two bad-mouthed con men and a Gremlin who is a cutie!

There have been two versions of A Miracle on 34th Street, neither of which I have seen! So I set out on the quest to watch at least one version before Christmas, this one being the 1994 Richard Attenborough/John Hughes version.


Kris Kringle is hired as the replacement Santa Claus for the Thanksgiving parade in New York and does so well that he’s hired as the store Santa for Coles for the holiday period. Every child in the city believes that Kringle is the real Santa, all with the exception of Susan. She learnt the truth about Santa from her mother years ago and doesn’t expect to receive the most important gifts on her Christmas, but can this store Santa prove her otherwise?

This is a heart warming Christmas tale of belief and love. We all need something to believe in – especially if they make your dreams come true! This is the film that will make all warm and fuzzy inside and make you hope and wish that you’ll hear Rudolph’s hooves on your roof on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Rating:


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