Review: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie has been a film that has been on my radar for a while, and I’m not ashamed to say that I have been very excited to see this film. I think it’s safe to say we were probably the oldest people in our screening. Well, you’ve got to admit, out of the choice of Robocop or The Lego Movie for a 20-year-old male’s birthday outing, The Lego Movie wasn’t be the obvious choice. Nonetheless, it was the one that won!

legomovieWhen Lord Business plans on unleashing the deadly Kragle on the Lego universe, the Master Builders go in search of the special brick to fulfil the prophecy and stop him. Emmett stumbles upon the brick, fulfilling the prophecy and is supposed to save the universe, but Emmett is no Master Builder – he’s a regular! Can he learn the ways of the Master Builders in time to ensure the world doesn’t get glued into place?

The voice cast of this film is brilliant. Headed by Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks, the cast is supported by Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and, in his third role as God, Morgan Freeman. It’s obvious that the cast members jumped at the chance of starring in this great animation. It’s witty, clever, and unexpectedly touching. The story is surprisingly good and the animation is simply exquisite. I mistakenly believed that the film was entirely stop animation (if it was, it would have been a major feat of engineering!), that’s how realistic all the individual Lego bricks look.

legomovie1It’s an incredibly fun romp through the Lego world – though sadly without any of the Lego Marvel characters – even with the irritatingly catchy “Everything Is Awesome” song. It’s not just one for the kids, everyone will enjoy it. Now excuse me while I go and expand my Lego collection!

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