Review: Chef

Most recently, Jon Faverau has become known as the director of the first two Iron Man films and also as Happy Hogan, Tony Starks long-suffering body guard. This time however, Faverau takes a change of pace featuring as writer, director and star of new comedy, Chef.

Carl Casper is a critically acclaimed chef, stifled by the lack of imagination in his restaurant owner’s menu. When he gets a damning review from a famous food critic, Casper takes it to heart, resulting in a rant which goes viral. Losing his job as head chef, Casper is offered an unorthodox solution through his ex-wife’s, ex-husband – his own food truck.


A word of advice, do not see this film on an empty stomach. It is so beautifully shot that every time a piece of food appears you’ll be wanting to run up to the screen and lick it! (I wouldn’t advise doing that in the cinema, you might get a few funny looks, or get thrown out – you definitely don’t want that, this is a great film!) From simple pasta to steak, to freshly fried beignets, everything looks so good you can almost smell it. If there was a film that smell-o-vision was invented for, this is it. I doubt anyone will come out of this film not wanting to own a food truck of some sort.

This is the sort of inspirational film that Hollywood needs to continue to make. While Casper starts out down on his luck, this feel-good film soon turns around, offering genuine laughs and heart-warming moments between father and son.


The cast are good with an array of beautiful women – Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara – and handsome men – Robert Downey Jr and John Leguizamo – but none of them compare to the exceptionally talented Emjay Anthony who plays Percy, Casper’s son. This child is bound to become a star with this much charm and talent on his side. Working alongside Faverau in his first major role in a motion picture isn’t exactly a bad place to start.

This is a funny and clever film that is not only heart-warming but genuinely inspirational. Much like the Great British Bake Off caused a million people to return to their kitchens to start baking, Chef will inspire an entire generation of people wanting to serve great tasting food from a truck.

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