Halloween liveblog: An American Werewolf in London

To anyone who knows me, I am the biggest wimp going! I hate horror films, I start shaking at the idea of watching a horror film so while this will be terrifying for me, it’ll be hilarious for everyone else!

The film I have chosen is the 1981, John Landis film An American Werewolf in London. This is a film I’ve want to see for years but never had the guts to do it, so here goes! (Remember to keep refreshing the page!)


21.09: lights are on and I’m surrounded by cushions…here goes!

21:12: so far so good, nice song and pretty moors!

21:13: is now a good time to point out that the end of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video gives me nightmares?

21:17: nice foreboding pub sign…

21:20: I love how every northerner in the pub has a flat cap, beard and a tweed jacket!

21:22: uh oh…full moon. Feeling slightly creeped out right now.

21:24: I’m going to hear that howling in my nightmares.

21:25: I don’t like it. It’s going to make me jump!

21:26: I can’t look!! I want to look but I can’t! The wolf is scary and I haven’t even seen it yet!

21:27: yummy! nice and gory

21:28: realistic wounds! At least the flatcaps turned up!

21:28: I recognise Nurse Price

21:29: attacked by an escaped lunatic? How many lunatics have sharp teeth and claws?!

21:35: very naked man running through woods and killing deer alert!

21:37: light has come on outside, not creepy at all! At least it’s not a full moon!

21:39: oh good god, I’m going to have nightmares! The human/wolf face is terrifying!

21:43: those are some rather creepy alien things! Didn’t make me jump at all…

21:44: those are some pretty amazing prosthetics on Jack! Hope I don’t see any organs…

21:45: listen to the creepy dead man in your dreams, he’s making sense!

21:46: it’ll be a very short film if he kills himself now…

21:48: going to live with your now ex-nurse when you think you’re going to turn into a werewolf on the next full moon is, of course, a good idea!

21:51: do us Brits really sound like we’ve just finished elocution lessons?

21:52: well this is one of the most awkward sex scenes I’ve ever seen…

21:53: he’s gonna look in the mirror and something’s gonna make me jump

21:53: yup made me jump!

21:54: so far has been quite predictable. A couple of mild jumps but have been expecting them. Looking forward to seeing the legendary transformation scene but not the werewolf face!

21:57: some nice werewolf movie history!

21:58: oh no, back to the moors. Nothing good can happen here!

22:02: lurking farmer is always a good source of information

22:03: trying to sound like a horror movie cynic so I don’t seem as scared…

22:04: well that dogs going to be the first to go…

22:05: and that cat

22:05:whenever he looks in a mirror I instantly get nervous! Freaking suspense building!

22:08: 40 minutes left – I can do this! I can do this!

22:09: oh no…here comes the transformation!

22:10: liking the juxtaposition of the music, the freaking scary face and eyes not so much! Though the transformation is incredible, not outdated in the slightest.

22:12: oh Harry, you’re so crazy going round the back of the house instead of the front! Kinda deserve to be eaten by a werewolf to be honest.

22:13: and now the other bloke is going to get eaten too…

22:14: argh! Sharp cuts from silence to very loud is evil!

22:16: please don’t kill the cute collie ūüė¶

22:16: oh jeez! There really is something about bright yellow eyes that’s terrifying!

22:18: would “good lord!” Really be your reaction if you saw a werewolf?

22:19: wow it really says something when graphics for a 1980’s werewolf is better then the ones from Twilight…

22:21: oh, he’s naked again!

22:21: standard British old lady, not phased by a naked man jumping out of a bush in front of her

22:29: the dim police office really adds nothing to this film

22:32: hello creepy corpse man. You’re getting less scary the more I see of you

22:33: ok I take that back, all eyes and teeth with no skin but again, amazing prosthetics!

22:36: they’re all pretty chipper for dead people! Though this turning a little into Beetlejuice with all the dead people sitting in neat rows

22:38: of course, crowd round where the werewolf is. You’re sure not to get eaten! Stupid people!

22:40: I see all the graphics budget was spent on the werewolf – a nice use of a mannequins head being used as a severed head!

22:43: somehow I don’t think a werewolf will be reasoned with by being talked to by a pretty lady…

22:43: told ya!

22:44: well that’s all folks! End credits roll…

Maybe I’m not as much of a wimp as I thought because that wasn’t all that scary! After the initial few jumps everything kinda mellowed out and was predictable more than anything. I feel rather disappointed to be honest. I was expecting to be really jumpy and scared to move from my seat incase there was a werewolf around.

While the film wasn’t all that scary, the transformation scene is incredible and is more than worthy to have been awarded the Oscar for Best Makeup. To think that the prosthetics in a 1980’s film have not aged and look better than some around now is astounding.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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