News: Why trailers are a disappointment

It’s not surprising that many film lovers get annoyed with film trailers.

In recent years they’ve been getting longer, turning into short films in their own right and most importantly, spoiling the films!

A new study from the University of East Anglia which surveyed over 500 film fans has found that due to jam packed trailers, 80% of people are left disappointed when viewing the full film.

The research found that the biggest offender was The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, with the trailer criticised for the “HD look of the film, its perceived reliance on cameos and wider issues of how the source book had been adapted.” Others, such as the Man of Steel trailer, were criticised as having a narrative and emotional hook that was lacking in the final film.

There is no surprise that filmgoers are getting increasingly disappointed by film trailers. While studies have shown that people are more likely to see a film after watching the trailer, the incessant release of ‘exclusive’ clips leaves very little of the actual film left to watch.hobbitdos

Marvel is a classic example of this. Across their numerous film releases Marvel have a habit of releasing multiple trailers, then extended trailers, then clips meaning there’s very little that hasn’t been at least hinted at when it comes to the film’s premiere. Already for Avengers: Age of Ultron there has been a trailer, extended trailer and an additional clip.

Trailers were better when they presented a sneak peek at the film. A trailer should build tension, excitement and tease the audience, leaving them wanting more. Instead, they are leaving nothing to the imagination, presenting audiences with a shorter, snap shot version of the film with no reason to see the complete version. The worst is when trailers attempt to cover up something that is clearly a spoiler. What happened to keeping all of the films plot a surprise? The Sixth Sense wouldn’t have anywhere near the same impact if it was revealed in the trailer that Bruce Willis was a ghost!

What do you think?

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