Review: Lucy

Scarlett Johannson seems to have fallen into a habit of playing kick-ass female superhero types. First of all donning a black catsuit to turn into Natasha Romanov/Black Widow in the Marvel franchise, and now unlikely superhero Lucy in Luc Besson’s latest film.

When regular girl Lucy is forced into delivering a suitcase to a Taiwanese drug dealer, things take a turn for the worst. When the pouch of drugs hidden inside her splits, this new drug allows Lucy to access the furthest reaches of her brain, turning her into a vengeful warrior.

The film had the potential to be one of the cleverest pieces of cinema this year. Instead, it was left feeling only partly finished, with not enough work having been put into the story and script. While it was an interesting premise, there was not enough thought put into it.


Scarlett Johannson, usually an enjoyable watch, soon became grating and wooden. This is partly understandable as the drug she’s ingested to give her the ability to open up her mind makes her less human the more of her mind she accesses. However, even at the lower levels of brain power, she turns robotic, instantly turning into a killer. Personally, even if I had more access to my mind I think I’d freak out, especially if I started hearing absolutely everything around me! Instead Johannson turns instantly into a machine.

While Lucy searches for a professor (Morgan Freeman) to pass on her new found knowledge, there is no exploration of her knowledge. Instead you see brief moments of telekinetic powers and rapid cell regeneration and plenty of violence.

Film Title: Lucy

I don’t consider myself to be a squeamish person, but this film made me squirm. Too many surgery scenes and gooey bits.

Instead of an intelligent, almost superhero origin story which this film could’ve easily been, we are left with a robotic Johannson being chased by equally robotic hit men.


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