News: British cinema booms in 2014

New figures from the British Film Institute have revealed that 2014 was an exceedingly good year for British cinema.

The new figures have shown a 35% increase in film production spend from 2013, up to £1.471 billion. In the meantime, the UK Box Office brought in £1 billion even though cinema admissions were down 5% to 157.5 million.


In general, the UK independent film market reached 16% of the market share – up 10% on 2013. The highest grossing British film was Paddington which has, so far, grossed £34.7 million in the UK alone. Even though British film makers have suffered stiff competition from across the world, only two non-British films beat Paddington to the top of the table. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies and The Lego Movie came in first and second place respectively, with the Peruvian bear narrowly missing the second place spot by just £250,000.

It makes a nice change to see British films making a significant impact on the UK Box Office. For too many years we have seen cinema being dominated by US exports and not enough home-grown talent. These figures show that British cinema is on a rise – exactly how it should be. By supporting British films, especially smaller, independent films, cinema goers and film makers are not only boosting the British economy but also helping to bring British cinema back into the forefront of people’s minds.

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