Review: Big Hero 6

When thinking about Marvel, many would consider it to be a studio only into live action films. However, since being purchased by Disney, the animation giant had different ideas for the comic book studio. Out came Big Hero 6, the first animated superhero film based on Marvel characters.

Hiro is a child genius who idolises his older brother Tadashi. When Tadashi dies in an accident, Hiro forms an unlikely friendship with his brother’s personal healthcare assistant robot Baymax. Together with his friends, Hiro creates a band of high-tech, super-smart, superheroes.

Big Hero 6

Had the film been set in a real life city, instead of the fictional city of San Fransoyko, you’d be forgiven for thinking Big Hero 6 could be working alongside, or aspiring to be the Avengers. In many ways, Big Hero 6 are a better version of the Avengers with a more diverse team and incredible intelligence. With a mix of genders and races, Disney does a great job in creating a group of characters anyone can aspire to be.

While the story, like most Marvel or Disney films is far fetched, it’s definitely good fun with lessons that pluck at the heart-strings and scenes sure to make even the most stone hearted of people feel.

It’s amazing how animation studios have the ability to make robots the most endearing part of a film. First came Wall-E, and now comes Baymax competing for then most adorable robot award. Designed to be non-threatening and huggable, every viewer will want to take home their own Baymax to squish and snuggle. Either that or let his battery’s run low to experience the hilarity of “drunk” Baymax.

Big Hero 6


It’s good to see that Disney are continuing the tradition of Marvel’s end credit sting creating one of the most endearing scenes – plus having Stan Lee’s cameo makes it even better.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable film that shows that Disney’s purchase of Marvel was worthwhile. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the Big Hero 6 team and their highly intuitive scientific inventions.

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