Review: Focus

In recent years heist films have become less popular. During the early 2000’s the likes of the Ocean’s trilogy and The Bank Job and Inside Man worn cinema audiences down and made them bored of the con-man and heist ideas. A new film from the writer I Love You Phillip Morris and Crazy, Stupid Love, plan to change that.focus-2014-will-smith-movie-poster-art

Nicky (Will Smith) is an established con-man, who take amateur con artist Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing. When they get romantically involved, Nicky realises things could get messy, breaking off their relationship. Three years down the line, Nicky and Jess meet again, making life difficult for the two of them.

If you want something amusing, entertaining and with a bit of eye candy as a bit of a plus then this is the film for you. Renowned for her full on appearance in Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie is as stunning as ever. Her character starts off as a ditzy blonde but becomes an intelligent femme fatale who uses her feminine wiles as part of her cons. She oozes charisma and beauty and you simply can’t take your eyes off her – well the male audience members can’t anyway.


Will Smith, as always, is charming – it is no wonder that people fall so easily for his cons.

Simply put, Focus is a fluffy and fun con film for when you don’t want to engage your brain fully. Clever in parts, and definitely entertaining this is something for an evening after a hard days work.

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