Review: Inside Out

When I was younger, I always imagined that there were little people running around my brain making me feel the right emotions, digging out memories and finding the right information when I needed it (except for during exams where they all went into a panic and couldn’t find anything!). Now, it seems, that the writers over at Pixar had exactly the same idea, by bringing feelings to life in their new animation Inside Out.

When Riley has to move from Minnesota to San Francisco, her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – attempt to work together to make her relocation easier.

INSIDE-OUT-18Unsurprisingly, this is a very sweet film with likeable characters and an easy to follow plot. Like all Pixar films, it has been beautifully put together, and their character design is great – even if Joy’s ethereal glow is a bit strange. One of the best looking characters is Bing-Bong, Riley’s imaginary friend. Made from a mix of candy floss, and an elephant, he really does look good enough to eat! One thing that didn’t really make sense was the appearance of Riley’s emotions. When visiting other characters emotions, they all had an element of their persons appearance such as Dad’s emotions all having his moustache and Mum’s all having her glasses whereas Riley’s don’t have any defining features.

The voice actors were a lot of fun too. Amy Poehler as Joy reminded me a lot of her Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope due to her continued bright outlook on things even when everything is falling apart. However, Lewis Black’s Anger has to be the best character – although that could say a lot more about me rather than the character! Full of quips that will go straight over the kids heads, Anger seems to be designed more for the adult audience to make sure they get a laugh or two as well.


However, Inside Out is, at best, an average film. It doesn’t stand out against previous Pixar films and I doubt it will become a film that generations will watch over and over such as Up or Toy Story. While in other Pixar films there are moments where you really worry that the main characters won’t reach their happy ending, Inside Out doesn’t have that. There aren’t any scenes of real peril and in all honesty, the story is very predictable. Sorry Pixar, you’ve let me down.

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One thought on “Review: Inside Out

  1. For starters, great review 🙂 So far, all I have seen are people totally hyping this movie up, me being one of them, so it was nice to see a different perspective. I am sorry it wasn’t as good as you thought! Never mind though! 🙂 There are always other movies!

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