Review: Love, Rosie

Romantic comedies are a staple of the cinema screen. Every year the Hollywood producers wheel out new films  filled with beautiful women and beautiful men living through the same story line under different names. Last year, Love, Rosie was one of them.

Since meeting at the age of 5, Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Clafin) have been best friends. Determined to stay friends forever, they watch each other make mistake after mistake, hoping that each other will find their perfect match.

Based on Where the Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, there’s no surprise that this romantic comedy comes to a predictable happy ending – even if it is only in the closing seconds of the film. However, considering it’s genre, it’s quite a fun watch.


The expected twists that keep the fated couple apart are more realistic than in others such as an accidental pregnancy, studying abroad and cancelled flights acting as the reasons they can’t be together.

It’s a commendation to the make-up department for aging the very beautiful Lily Collins from 18 to mid-thirties in the span of the film, especially considering that Collins was only around 24 years old when she played the role.


The best part of this film is Jamie Winstone. Ruby forms an accidental friendship with Rosie after selling her the pregnancy test which would ruin the rest of her plans at the beginning of the film. Ruby is by far the most fun character, even if she does always find the worst in every situation.

There’s nothing bad about this film, just simply that it has been done a million times over like every rom-com. Had there been an original plot point to the film then maybe there would be more to talk about but just like every other Cecelia Ahern novel and romantic comedy film, there’s always a happy ending.

Love, Rosie is now available on Netflix.

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