Review: Not Another Happy Ending

Independent British production companies tend to fall into producing two types of film – gritty realism or light hearted fun. Not Another Happy Ending falls into the latter category.

When struggling book publisher Tom (Stanley Weber) lands himself a best selling author, he thinks he’s won the jackpot. But when Jane (Karen Gillan) faces the last chapters of her book, she suffers writers block meaning that Tom does everything he can to try and get her past it.

Not Another Happy Ending is a funny and original film. Karen Gillan plays Jane Lockhart, a struggling writer who has a board full of rejection letters and bursts into tears when she finally gets a publishing contract. She is a clever woman with a good sense of humour, even if she doesn’t have the greatest fashion sense! The amount of mustard yellows and burgundies together just isn’t that great a look. Karen Gillan is enthralling and throws off her Doctor Who persona with ease, creating a likeable character that you wouldn’t mind being friends with.

From the beginning of the film, it looks like it will be a drama, with Jane’s first book revolving around her childhood growing up with an absent father. However, the plot becomes lighter as Jane and Tom enjoy editing the book and Jane is reunited with her long-lost father.

One of the best parts of the film is the definition between points of view, made obvious by the main character in Jane’s new book coming to life. While no one else can see Darsie, Jane can. Acting as a trouble making devil and bitchy best friend, Darsie is a great addition to the story and brings the book that the audience are unable to read to life.

Stanley Weber is not only lovely to look at – almost like a French Henry Cavill – but also lovely to watch. His character, Tom, is nice but dim. His idea that by making Jane miserable she’ll be able to complete her book, is such a harebrained idea that it might just work. I don’t think anyone else could make the phrase “oh no! She’s baking!” sound like the worst thing in the world, with such a silky accent.

The film is so brilliantly Scottish. With a great cast of Scottish actors including Gary Lewis and a soundtrack chock full of Scottish artists, the only thing that would make it more Scot-centric would be if someone in a kilt playing the bagpipes walked through a couple of scenes!

Not Another Happy Ending is a great indie, with a good plot, interesting characters and some good laughs. It’s lighthearted, doesn’t need all the brainpower in the world to digest and makes a great girls night in film.

Not Another Happy Ending is now available on Netflix.

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