Where to see The Hateful Eight

As you may have heard, Quentin Tarantino’s much awaited The Hateful Eight won’t be appearing in a Cinewold Cinema near you.

Cineworld announced on January 4th that they would not be showing Tarantino’s western in any of their cinemas after failing to come to an agreement with the British distributor.

But worry not! Odeon and Vue will still be putting on screenings, but more importantly, so will many independent cinemas. After many arduous hours and intensive Googling, here is a (fairly) comprehensive list of which independent cinemas around the UK  are currently showing The Hateful Eight:

Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen

The Electric Cinema, Birmingham

Scott Cinema, Bridgwater

Scott Cinema, Bristol

ABC, Bournemouth

The Light, Cambridge

Century Cinema, Clacton-on-Sea

Plaza Cinema, Dorchester

Filmhouse, Edinburgh

New Picture House, Fife

Grosvenor Cinema, Glasgow

Theatr Elli, Llanelli

Aubin Cinema, E2, London

The Light Cinema, New Brighton

Broadway, Nottingham

Perth Playhouse, Perth

Commodore Cinema, Ryde

ARC: Stockton Arts Centre, Stockton-on-Tees

Other confirmed screenings

Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucester

Of course this is not the complete list as many independent cinemas schedule their screening after the mainstream cinema release.

Do you know an independent cinema which will be showing The Hateful Eight?  Email stephonscreen@gmail.com and let me know!

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