Review: Zootropolis 

Talking animals always go down well – especially when they’re cute and fluffy! 

Zootropolis is the latest animated outing from Disney, where animals have evolved into humanoid type creatures and have formed their own world. One bunny, Judy Hops, has her eyes firmly set on becoming the first rabbit police officer of Zootropolis Police Department. However, upon joining, she soon discovers just how tough the city is to police. Determined to prove herself, Judy takes on the hardest case, but meaning she has to team up with her natural enemy, the foxy Nick Wilde.


Zootropolis is a fun family film with plenty of laughs, and actually a quite grown up plot. Considering this is about an animal police force, you don’t go in expecting it to be about murders and drugs busts! It’s intelligently written and superbly animated. This has got to be one of the best animated films that has been released in a long time – and that’s coming from someone who is a big fan of animated movies.

The voice cast is impressive, with Idris Elba heading up the force as Chief Bogo, Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy and Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde. For some reason Shakira is also involved as the resident superstar Gazelle. However, the sloths have to be some of the best characters in the film, creating some real laugh out loud moments.


While this film is aimed at children, there are a few great references for the parents. THe main one being a direct nod to Breaking Bad. With a bright blue drug infection residents of Zootropolis, there was no way that the writers/directors could ignore the obvious parallels.

Whatever you do, don’t write this film off as a kids film simply because it’s an animation. Many people overlook animations because they are marketed for kids, but many carry some hard-hitting messages whilst little managing to be engaging and beautiful to look at. Plus, unlike Frozen, there aren’t any annoying songs to get stuck in your head for weeks on end!

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