And the next Bond is…

…someone you’re probably not expecting.

Ever since Daniel Craig announced that he wouldn’t be returning as Bond, the rumour-mills have been churning out name after name.

For a while Tom Hiddleston topped the list. Six-part series The Night Manager basically read as a Bond application form, and then there were sightings of him meeting with Sam Mendes – if that didn’t scream Bond, I don’t know what does! However, not long after that, Mendes announced he would not be doing the next Bond film, so all the Hiddleston theories went straight out the window.


However, now, according to British bookies William Hill, there’s a new front-runner. Here’s a few clues: While he’s made millions of women fall in love with him from his appearances in 3 fairly high-profile BBC shows, he’s only made one appearance on the silver screen when he travelled with a rather famous Hobbit.

No, not Richard Armitage but Aidan Turner. The Irish heart-throb has been leaving ladies all a flutter since he played Mitchell, a vampire living with a ghost and a werewolf, in Being Human. While the series may seem like an odd concept, the first three series starring Turner alongside Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow propelled them into successful careers.


Plus, he’s not exactly averse to playing the suave gentleman. Just last year Turner reappeared on British TV screen in not one, but two series. Firstly as Ross Poldark in the remake of the 1975 series and then as Philip Lombard in the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. While completely different roles, both showed Turner’s ability to play the leading man who had women swooning at his feet.

Is Aidan Turner your favourite to become the next Bond? Just in case you’re still on the fence, here’s a picture of him in a suit to try to sway you:


Who would you like to see playing the next Bond? Let me know!

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