Short Film: Reverie

Imagine if you wished hard enough that the things you drew on paper could come alive. That’s exactly what happens in Alexander Thompson’s beautifully shot short film Reverie.

Review: Big Hero 6

When thinking about Marvel, many would consider it to be a studio only into live action films. However, since being purchased by Disney, the animation giant had different ideas for the comic book studio. Out came Big Hero 6, the first animated superhero film based on Marvel characters.

Review: Ratatouille

When I first saw Ratatouille, I must admit I wasn’t overly keen on it. Growing up watching all the different Pixar films, I felt that Ratatouille seemed to miss the mark and was nowhere near as good as the rest.

Review: Frozen

I know, I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to seeing Disney’s latest animated release. I don’t know how but it’s taken me two months since it’s release to drag myself to the cinema and watch it. I’ve seen plenty on the internet, both good and bad, so I wasn’t entirely sure what…