List: 8 sequels no one ever asked for

It’s pretty safe to say that when there’s an announcement of “Sequel to your  favourite film goes into production!”, there’s almost always a collective groan which gets us questioning whether Hollywood really has run out of ideas.

Review: Big Hero 6

When thinking about Marvel, many would consider it to be a studio only into live action films. However, since being purchased by Disney, the animation giant had different ideas for the comic book studio. Out came Big Hero 6, the first animated superhero film based on Marvel characters.

Disney's Maleficent

Review: Maleficent

Disney, at the moment, have a habit of rehashing stories from their old films to bring them back to the big screen. Some have been brilliant – Saving Mr Banks, for example – while others have left plenty to be desired – Oz, for example. So when it was announced that there was to be…

Review: Frozen

I know, I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to seeing Disney’s latest animated release. I don’t know how but it’s taken me two months since it’s release to drag myself to the cinema and watch it. I’ve seen plenty on the internet, both good and bad, so I wasn’t entirely sure what…

Review: Saving Mr Banks

Everyone knows the story of Mary Poppins – the magical nanny who comes to look after the children of Mr Banks, an unhappy financial worker. But did you know how hard Walt Disney worked to gain the rights for a film from P.L.Travers?

5 Non Scary Films to Watch This Halloween

Tonight is the night that the ghouls, goblins and ghosty’s roam the streets while small children knock on doors wanting sweets. Many people will be mad enough to watch horror films that scare the bejeezus out of them, while many others – myself included! – will be going for something light and fluffy. If you…