Review: Sing Street

Unless it’s a Disney film, it’s not often that a film which features original songs find their way onto the “downloaded” list on whichever music provider you use. But with John Carney’s latest cinematic outing, you’ll be lying if you say you don’t get a least one of these songs stuck in your head. 

Review: The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling may not be a combination anyone had considered in the past, but Shane Black saw the goodness that laid between this duo and brought the pair to the big screen in the new release The Nice Guys.

Recommended: Crash (2004)

Recommended by Rosh – “Definitely one of my top 5 favourite films ever.” In the space of 36 hours, a group of Los Angeles citizens with vastly different lives, all collide through a series of unfortunate events. This critically acclaimed film has been topping “best of” lists for years and it’s very easy to see…

And the next Bond is…

…someone you’re probably not expecting. Ever since Daniel Craig announced that he wouldn’t be returning as Bond, the rumour-mills have been churning out name after name. For a while Tom Hiddleston topped the list. Six-part series The Night Manager basically read as a Bond application form, and then there were sightings of him meeting with…

List: 8 sequels no one ever asked for

It’s pretty safe to say that when there’s an announcement of “Sequel to your  favourite film goes into production!”, there’s almost always a collective groan which gets us questioning whether Hollywood really has run out of ideas.